Project coordinator: IMBIH

Improvements in the field of relative humidity measurements

The aim of this work package is to improve the measurement capabilities of participating NMI/DIs in the field of relative humidity and it addition to establish networking opportunities with industrial stakeholders within each country (related to knowledge exchange, traceability, skills and capacity building).

Improvements in the field of dew point temperature standards

The aims of this work package are:
a) To obtain information about the dew point measurement related needs of stakeholders in each country with an emerging NMI/DI
b) To obtain information about the existing level of knowledge and capabilities of partners and to identify gaps in the capabilities for dew point temperature measurement of the emerging NMI/DIs with regard to the stakeholder needs;
c) To improve the capabilities to enable emerging NMI/DIs to perform dew point temperature measurements in the temperature range -70 °C to 90 °C.

Strategy development

The aims of this work package are:
1. To ensure that emerging countries engage in further development of humidity metrology infrastructure to support industrial needs, competitiveness and international trade and show commitment to sustainable growth in the partner’s country after the lifetime of the project.
2. To ensure that emerging countries engage in future collaboration and co-operation, especially in future joint research and collaborative projects with European NMI/DIs
3. To identify future trends toward smart specialisation in humidity metrology based on identified trends and needs for metrology research and services

Creating impact

To date, a brief preliminary survey has determined that there is a great amount of interest in the improvement of humidity measurement capability within NMI/DIs in Europe. It is therefore considered vital that a strategy be put in place to maximise the knowledge transfer, and therefore impact of the research.

Management and coordination

The project will be managed by the coordinator from IMBiH who will be supported by the project management board consisting of one representative from each partner; including the leaders of each work package.

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