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WP3: Strategy development
The aims of this work package are:
1. To ensure that emerging countries engage in further development of humidity metrology infrastructure to support industrial needs, competitiveness and international trade and show commitment to sustainable growth in the partner’s country after the lifetime of the project.
2. To ensure that emerging countries engage in future collaboration and co-operation, especially in future joint research and collaborative projects with European NMI/DIs
3. To identify future trends toward smart specialisation in humidity metrology based on identified trends and needs for metrology research and services,

The key challenge in this work package is to prepare individual strategy documents for humidity research and development of the associated capabilities in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ireland, FYR Macedonia and Croatia (MoE, IMBiH, MER, NSAI, ME-BoM and FSB).

Each individual strategy document will be the long term strategy, over the next 15 years, taking into account future humidity measurement capability requirements and the need for developments linked with environmental, health and energy topics. Each individual strategy will be prepared based on the deliverables from WP1 and WP2.

All individual strategy documents will be summarised in one strategy document, which will report an overview of future requirements and developments in the humidity subfield for partners from emerging countries. The strategy document will be prepared within the scope of regional coordination with the aim to promote small specialisations taking care to avoid duplication of humidity resources.

The overall strategy document and individual strategy documents will be presented and/or sent to stakeholders of the project, recognised infrastructure parties in each country and technical sub-committees at the international level as appropriate.
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