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WP2: Improvements in the field of dew point temperature standards
The aims of this work package are:
a) To obtain information about the dew point measurement related needs of stakeholders in each country with an emerging NMI/DI
b) To obtain information about the existing level of knowledge and capabilities of partners and to identify gaps in the capabilities for dew point temperature measurement of the emerging NMI/DIs with regard to the stakeholder needs;
c) To improve the capabilities to enable emerging NMI/DIs to perform dew point temperature measurements in the temperature range -70 °C to 90 °C.

The key challenge in this work package is to improve the capabilities of participating NMI/DIs (knowledge, skills and capacity building), which will lead to an improvement in the accuracy of dew point temperature measurement. In each country, the needs of industry and the end user will be identified. An action plan for each emerging country, based on results from a questionnaire survey will be prepared.

In order to meet the objectives above, two tasks are planned. In the first task a survey will be undertaken to identify the dew point related measurement needs of stakeholders in participating countries with an emerging NMI/DI (parameters to be investigated include temperature and pressure ranges and measurement media used). The second task builds upon the knowledge obtained about stakeholders needs in order to improve the capacity of participating countries to perform high-accuracy dew/frost point measurements in the selected temperature range. Based on the stakeholders needs identified from the survey, gaps in the individual NMI/DIs’ capabilities will be identified and areas targeted to achieve the improvement of the dew point measurement setups. The individual improvement will correspond to the industrial needs in the given country. The technical solution will be proposed by CMI in cooperation with INRIM and the participating NMI/DIs. The individual NMI/DIs will implement and test the designed solution with respect to the factors which could influence the measurement (flow rate, pressure, temperature, tubing, bath, media, etc.). A report detailing the influence of the different generator components on the uncertainty for dew point measurement using the improved setups will be prepared.
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