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WP1: Improvements in the field of relative humidity measurements

The aim of this work package is to improve the measurement capabilities of participating NMI/DIs in the field of relative humidity and it addition to establish networking opportunities with industrial stakeholders within each country (related to knowledge exchange, traceability, skills and capacity building).

The first step in achieving these goals will be to perform a survey of the relative humidity related measurement needs of stakeholders in each country with an emerging NMI/DI. The results of the survey will be analysed and used as an input to the strategy for development in the field of humidity measurements in that country. The second step will be to develop an inner chamber for relative humidity calibrations, which will then be characterised by each of the partners. The third step will be an intercomparison of the improved measurement capabilities developed by the partners in the field of relative humidity.

Existing knowledge and expertise will be shared among the partners through their collaboration during the process of producing and characterising the small chamber as well as during an intercomparison. The knowledge gathered in this work package will help the partners from emerging countries to further develop their capabilities by providing them with the skills and knowledge to build their own equipment for relative humidity measurements. By implementing the new chamber in their facilities, partners and other interested parties will have the opportunity to readily improve their capabilities in the field of relative humidity measurements by expanding the relative humidity and temperature ranges, achieving lower uncertainties and reducing calibration times.
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