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WORKSHOP (EMPIR 15RPT03 HUMEA) Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals, DMDM, Belgrade


05/27/2019 13:17

The Directorate for Measures and Precious Metals (hereinafter: DMDM) hosted a workshop in the field of relative humidity measurement organized within the project 16RPT HUMEA – Expansion of European Capacities in Humidity Measurement, at the European Metrology Program for Innovation and Development - EMPIR.

The workshop was held on the premises of the DMDM library on May 16, 2019. The workshop was attended by 30 representatives of end users and stakeholders from the pharmaceutical, metal and automotive industries, laboratories of the Army of the Republic of Serbia (RS), in the field of energy - gas industry, as well as from accredited laboratories and other laboratories in the RS.

After the introductory speech and welcome by Dr Dušan Matijasevic, Assistant Director of the Metrology Development Sector, Slavica Simić, the Head of Temperature Group and Srđan Radoš, Associate researcher at the HUMEA EMPIR project, presented the findings and results on the project in front of the DMDM and other representatives of the consortium partners.

During the workshop the following topics have been covered:

  • Why humidity matters
  • Humidity Generation Methods
  • Types of relative humidity and dew point sensors
  • Influences and measurement of uncertainty on relative humidity measurement
  • Activities on HUMEA protocol (WP1, WP2, WP3)
  • DMDM Laboratory of humidity
  • Measurement of humidity in RS: current state, needs and future
  • Discussions

After the conducted survey and discussion panel during the workshop, guests presented their needs and suggestions, as well as topics from the mentioned fields of interest for which more attention should be paid:

- Sensors and calibration methods of relative humidity & temperature

- Mapping the stability chamber

- Examination of the influence of cardboard in climatically regulated volumes

- Moisture in natural gas

- Validation of the measurement method and calibration of the RH logger

- More practical experiences in the realization of humid-generators

- Experiential time of stabilization in the measurement of RH

And at the very end of this workshop, we recognized the great need for humidity measurements and control, which has further assured us to make an effort for future improvements and solutions of measuring humidity in the field of industry and human environment.

Pictures from workshop event 16.05.2019 []

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